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This package is open for everyone who would like to access all of our other features available on the app like study material, utilities, etc.. for free.

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Doubt Beginner

Doubts: 200
Price: ₹ 5000

This package is for students who are at their initial stage of preparation and are expecting numerous doubts to come their way. It is also very useful to students who intend to prepare for these entrance exams by themselves.

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Doubt Intermediate

Doubts: 50
Price: ₹ 1500

This package is designed for students who have reached a certain milestone in their preparation and are keen on advancing their level of preparation.

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Doubt Expert

Doubts: 15
Price: ₹ 500

This package is designed for students who are in their final stage of preparation and wish to gain competitive advantage over other aspirants by solving complex and challenging problem.

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