Mentors are responsible for minimising obstacles, from the path their mentees continue on. GRE is an important exam and is an important criterion for assessing a candidate's eligibility to graduate schools. People might encounter many hurdles, myths and issues that need to be tackled. As a result, a counsellor guides through the entire GRE process.

They will instruct you to make your application captivating, how to plan for an interview, whether to retake it or not, what score needs to be submitted, visa procedure, pre-departure, job experiences, essays and letters of recommendation, insurance, housing, networking, country-based university choices, scholarship programs, graduate programs you may like, universities ideal for your needs, application deadlines, check all necessary documents and IDs, cycle from registration to schooling and more.

GRE is costly and therefore any error would waste time, energy and money.

It is also best to employ a competent GRE advisor.

How to pick a good adviser?

It is important to select a decent counsellor. Counselling costs a lot of money, but it's worth a shot if it helps you get into a good college. Yet if it is spent one time, you certainly wouldn't spend that amount of money over and over again, so finding the right professional is an essential step.

  • They need to help you assess the pros and cons of each university without prejudice.
  • They help you study your documents and make good SOPs and LORs for you.
  • Check records and identity numbers if they're looking you into the Visa process.
  • Expose yourself to bursary services, if you need insurance and financial assistance support.
  • They should be able to get comprehensive college context information.
  • Their history of recognition with previous students’ needs should be strong
  • They should be able to give you proper interview training.

Check if all these services are offered by the consultant you are searching for. If so, then you're good to go!

People are generally scared and frustrated when they fill in these application forms. In these times it would be so good to have a helping hand. It would boost students' trust, because they now have a clear understanding of the process and policies. The training and counselling provided by them increases patience and mind up a detailed map to help students avoid any mistakes they could make.

In addition to supporting students with mentoring, a successful counsellor frequently supports parents. As parents, they should be aware of the entire process. Counsellors should have face-to-face meetings with parents so that they can guide parents to act well for what's good for their kids. One such good counsellor is our professor Mr. Somil Shah.

Consulting a counsellor is solely a personal choice. Counsellors are expensive, but counsellors are trying to educate and crack misconceptions that usually go through friends and family tossing around.