Mission & Vision

QDS Pro firmly believes that every student has the potential to ace the management, law or other aptitude test that he/she is preparing for. We, at QDS Pro, also strongly feel that 'Self Preparation is the best form of preparation'. We know that a lot of students feel the same way however, it is the fear of doubts arising during the preparation stage which lands them in a coaching institute. Many of our core team members have been well renowned faculty members at some of these leading coaching institutes. They have themselves been the eye witnesses of the doubt solving problems faced by the students even after enrolling themselves at these coaching institutes, because of inadequate infrastructure and lack of availability of faculty members.

We have therefore, created this platform with the sole intention of helping these students prepare for entrance/aptitude tests. QDS Pro is a first of its kind platform in India. Our mission is to build a platform that can overcome the doubt solving obstacle faced by the students during their preparation. We intend to bring the experts/world class faculty members and students on to the same platform for their mutual benefit. Our aim is to quickly resolve all the doubts posted by the students.

Our vision is to develop this platform to such an extent that it becomes a one stop shop for all entrance exams preparation related needs. We wish to enhance this platform by providing video lectures, study material, mock tests, practice questions and other related stuff in an online format, so that it becomes accessible, affordable and available to all students at all times.

Self-Preparation is the best form of preparation: If you believe that you have the potential to prepare yourself for these aptitude tests, and it is the fear of doubts arising while preparation that lands you up in a coaching institute, then 'PLEASE STOP'. 'QDS PRO IS FOR YOU'.

Awards & Achievments

Awards & Achievments

India Book of Records Record Holder

Somil holds a National Record for :- "Reciting First 100 Multiplication Tables in Least Possible Time." He has achieved the aforesaid feat in 7 minutes 48 seconds.

Master Numero Uno

Somil has won the ultimate title of Numero Uno Event – 'Master Numero Uno.' Numero Uno is the largest inter – collegiate mathematics and statistics fest in Mumbai hosted by the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics.

Mumbai University Rank Holder

Somil stood fourth in the University of Mumbai during the final year of his undergraduate program B.Com whilst at H.R. College.

High Achiever's Trophy

Somil received the Class Prize in addition to 5 subject prizes in the final year of his high school because of which he was awarded the High Achiever's Trophy.

The Human Calculator

Somil has earned himself the recognition of "The Human Calculator" among his relatives and friends owing to his incredible number crunching skills. He hosts a YouTube Channel wherein he periodically uploads videos of his new feats in Mental Math.

Meet Our Core Team

Somil Shah

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ravina Parikh

Co-Founder, Chief
Financial Officer

Yashvi Shah

Web and App

Aashay Shah

Web and App Developer